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Paul Buchanan

Mid Air - 10th Anniversary 2LP Edition


Release Date: 12/08/2022

Discs: 2

To mark the tenth anniversary of the release of Paul Buchanan’s debut solo album ‘Mid Air’, Newsroom Records have reissued the title as a Double Heavyweight Vinyl set with a 20 page lyric booklet.  The album was remastered in early 2022 by Calum Malcolm and the twelve tracks featured on the bonus disc are available on vinyl for the first time.

A1. Mid Air
A2. Half The World
A3. Cars In The Garden
A4. Newsroom
A5. I Remember You
A6. Buy A Motor Car
A7. Wedding Party

B1. Two Children
B2. Summer's On It's Way
B3. My True Country
B4. A Movie Magazine
B5. Tuesday
B6. Fin De Siecle
B7. After Dark

C1. Have You Ever Been Lonely?
C2. My True Country (Piano)
C3. After Dark (Instrumental)
C4. Two Children (Piano)
C5. Lost

D1. Tuesday (Instrumental)
D2. Half The World
D3. A Movie Magazine (Instrumental)
D4. Mid Air
D5. God Is Laughing
D6. Buy A Motor Car (Elegance Mix)
D7. Half The World (Live)